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My name is Kamal Ahmedin a highly experienced football coach with a proven track record of success in mentoring both teams and individual players. With over five years of coaching experience under my belt, I have established myself as a skilled and influential figure in the football community.

Having started my coaching career at a grassroots level, and quickly demonstrated my passion for the sport. I have achieved remarkable success by leading my team to the championship title of the under 15. My tactical acumen, and emphasis on team cohesion played crucial roles. My coaching style emphasizes a balanced approach that combines technical skills, tactical intelligence, and mental resilience.


Currently, I have taken on the role of coaching the under-17-1z team. This position reflects my ability to develop players as they transition to higher levels of competition as my coaching philosophy revolves around building a strong foundation of technical skills and tactical awareness. My experience in coaching individuals enables me to identify and nurture unique talents, helping them reach their full potential.



€30 1h Class 

See you on the Field!


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