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Welcome to your first week at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu amsterdam!
we have guidelines
to ensure everyone's safety and to maintain a positive and GROWTH-MINDED environment
training guidelines

Respect for your training environment and training partners is very important in Jiu Jitsu and forms the basis of a healthy practice. We therefore expect all participants to comply with these rules of conduct:



  • Safety is the top priority, fun is the second priority, and growth is the third.

  • Jiu-jitsu is a multi-year or lifelong journey - take your time to learn and grow with mindful repetition 

  • Respect your training partner and instructors.  We are all growing together.  Aim to not cause injury regardless of the intensity of the situation.  Be cool.

  • Never yank or pull submissions too hard that could cause injury to you or your training partner.

  • Keep your toenails and fingernails short and clean.  Cuts suck.

  • Wear clean training clothes (T-shirt + shorts or rashguard, shorts & spats).  

  • Tight-fitting clothing is recommended to prevent mat burn, and protect your training partner from toes/fingers getting caught in loose-fitting clothing.

  • Remove all jewelry (including piercings) for safety ... unless you didn't like that necklace.

  • Make sure you smell fresh before training.  Not like flowers, just not like a day-old gym towel.

  • Wear flip-flops or shoes when walking off the martial arts mat.  Do not walk back on the mat after walking off the mat without flip-flops/shoes.  Our faces touch the mat ... bare feet in bathroom, then on our faces ... not good.

  • Injuries and (chronic) illnesses such as epilepsy and asthma must be shared in advance to the instructor so that this can be taken into account during the training.

  • Untreated and healing wounds should be covered and not exposed on the mat.  Take all cuts seriously so they heal quickly.

  • Showering immediately after class at the gym is recommended for hygiene.  We recommend Defense Soap as it kills various nasties that can infect cuts and scratches.

  • Listen carefully to the instructors and follow their instructions.  We're here to help you grow.

  • Leave the training room and changing rooms neat ... it's our "home".

  • I’m not in the best physical shape; I have no martial arts experience; I’m a female; I am older. When I’m in class, will I have training partners willing to work with me?"
    Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone. We have male and female students of different ages, sizes and experience levels. You will definitely find someone to train with and feel comfortable with as all our students are friendly and knowledgeable. Higher ranking students are approachable and can answer most questions you may have as a beginner and we will train with you.
  • I have no martial arts experience. Do you offer Beginner classes?
    Yes! Our Beginner classes focus on teaching fundamentals and will introduce you to basic body movements & terminology. In combined Beginner + Advanced classes we aim to pair more experienced students with newer students to gain the benefits of teaching + learning directly.
  • What is the difference between 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and other BJJ academies ?
    10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is a non-traditional system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo. After earning a black belt under Jean-Jacques Machado, Eddie Bravo focused his jiu-jitsu on training without the gi, partially because of the applications to mixed martial arts. The system focuses on unorthodox custom-named positions such as the Rubber guard, Twister Side Control, Monkey Mount (Gangsta Lean) and the half-guard position known as the “Lockdown”. The main premise behind the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system is that the art should keep evolving, finding new ways to attack and counter. The main difference is not that 10th planet has crazy Jiu-Jitsu or anything, we just are open minded to everything, so we offer all Jiu-Jitsu that works in No Gi and MMA. ~Eddie Bravo
  • What kind of clothes should I wear to class?
    Tight-fitting athletic clothing should be worn. Loose fitting clothing can cause injuries for your training partner because fingers or toes can get caught. We highly recommend wearing BJJ fightwear (Rashguard + Spats). You can also purchase the 10th Planet Amsterdam rashguard after class.
  • Do I need to be in shape before I try a jiu-jitsu class?
    Absolutely not! Every jiu-jitsu class includes a warm up and some conditioning. You will get in great physical shape doing jiu-jitsu. Trying to reach a certain fitness level before embarking on your jiu-jitsu training is just delaying the time it takes for you to reach proficiency. You are encouraged to learn at your own pace and listen to your body when it comes to sparring. The best way to get in shape for jiu-jitsu is to do jiu-jitsu!
  • Is jiu-Jitsu beneficial for women to learn?
    Yes. BJJ is excellent training for self-defense for women against a stronger, larger assailant. Strategic control and proper application of leverage and body weight distribution will allow a woman to escape from attackers standing or on the ground. Our female students are our most technical students.
  • Can I train in 10th Planet Amsterdam and also other teams ?
    Yes, our mission is to upgrade student performance by giving them our best knowledge and allowing them to practice other martial arts disciplines like Judo, Sambo, Wrestling & Traditional BJJ.
  • Who do I contact if I am facing any kind of trouble related to training ?
    You can always contact head Coach Emad
  • When to start competing ?
    Not less than 1 year of Training and after head instructor asses your Jiu-Jitsu progress if its competition ready or not yet.
  • Can I visit other 10th Planet Academies around the world?
    Yes, the 10th Planet Association is like a big family you are always welcome to train at any 10th Planet location around the word. Just make sure to contact the head instructor before your visit.
  • How to prevent injuries ?
    1. Avoid going full force in sparring especially in your first couple of weeks. Always aim to use between 25-75% strength in rolling - focus on the technique and change positions to manage your energy. Strength will always reduce slower when being creative and using good technique. 2. Spar to increase your performance and not to tap as many people as you can. 3. Leave your EGO outside the mat - TAP OFTEN. Tap if you are in a submission or even if you are in a position you don’t like. 4. Spar carefully and be aware of the techniques you are using. For example, don't try to flying armbar when you have not trained it sufficiently and could hurt yourself or your training partner. - When caught in leglocks, if you can't win the hand fight JUST TAP.
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